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    Howdy Steven. . .

    First, I'd like to compliment you on your delightful web site. You've put in a great deal of thought and effort on this project the past several months; and it really looks nice.

    I wish I knew how to use HTML, scripts, codes, and how to embed objects on my page. Composition, design and layout are among my favorite things to do; however, when it comes to working with the codes, etc., everything becomes totally foreign to me. One day soon, I'll have to get one of my high tech neighbors to assist me with this portion of details.

    What a pleasant surprise to receive your note this afternoon. I really appreciate receiving the pictures of Cary, NC. It's nice to see that in spite of all its rapid growth, there are still a few green sections remaining in the area.

    When my darling, John-Charles, and I were there in the mid 90's, the area was beginning to be overwhelmed with the computer industry. With all the bankruptcies and downsizing experienced---in recent years--- by the major computer technology corporations, Cary and the surrounding area must now look like a ghost town. Several huge industrial parks had already been built, and several more were in the development stage at that time.

    My home is in the middle of the Sylicone Valley of the North---Ottawa---and I know firsthand the tremendous devastation and loss such giant corporations can cause. Thousands have not only lost their jobs, but their homes as well. And now we have all these huge buildings vacant all over the city. One of the largest buildings happens to be several blocks from my home. After being vacant for almost three years, finally the City of Ottawa relocated a number of their various departments to the building.

    Prior to the City taking over this lovely office building, I would drive out of my way to get to my destination. It reminded me too much of some of the dead western towns you see in movies. It was just so very depressing. I felt like I was having a nightmare from which I would awaken and everything would be all beautiful again.

    And now, unfortunately, we have the recession which is contributing to the death of our once vibrant and lively cities. It's so sad. Long before your time, there was a movie entitled, "Stop the World; I Want to Get Off." That's what I feel like doing these days.

    Please accept my apologies, Sweetie, for sounding a bit negative this evening. Along with several days of gloomy clouds and steady rain, as well as watching our towns and cities die a little each day, it is quite depressing for me. I discovered a long time ago that putting down my thoughts in writing is one of the greatest therapies in the world. It not only helps one to get in touch with their true feelings, but writing also helps one to look at things more objectively. So, thank you, dear, for listening to me this evening.

    Once again, dearest Steven, thank you for stopping by with these lovely pictures---and for taking me on a walk down memory lane. When I'm surfing the web daily, I often see the notes you have jotted to other surfers. You are truly a "people person"; and you do help to make the world a brighter place for many of us. Keep up your great work, Sweetie.

    God Bless; and good night.

    Luv ya!



    Reply from Tanko:
    That's very kind of you Sweet Caroline, Bit few take the time you do to comment about our real world and that I appreciate. I'm glad you liked those few i had.. They are representative of most of the area. I hope to have some others soon.. I hope it will be places you can recognize.It is unfortunate so much is being left to un-used with the economic downturn, but it will come back, It always does.It seems that the Raleigh area as well as Cary haven't been effected to a material degree, though the states Unemployment numbers are as bad as everywhere, the general economy and housing has remained intact. I would guess the concentration of Universities and the medical complex that is so prevalent here has much to with retaining the economic balance...There was a big fire today at the ConAGra plant in Garner where they make slim Jims, Allot of people were Injured and a few still unaccounted for..On top of that the Thunderstorms hampered the firefighters to search the Buildings effected. Those things seldom happen here..Thank you again for your more than kind words, and don't let me forget about those photos either..Have a good Wednesday and rest of your week!